Full Name: Unknown

Age: 16

Voice by: Andrew Francis

Zodiac: Leo

Family: Unnamed Mother (Deceased), Troy (Uncle)

Power Creature: Lion

Friends: Fallon (crush), Blake, Keaton

First Appearance: Rise of The Creatures

Last Appearance: Magic Fate Part 2

Goal: To Protect Gardenia from the forces of Darkness

Enemies: Crystal, Ogron, The Witches

Weapon: Bo-Staff


When Zachary, and his best friends are attacked by the witches (Who work for Ogron, and Crystal), he is saved by a spunky girl name Fallon, and he begin to fall in love with her. When he was a child, his mother was killed by Ogron and he lets Fallon to join him, Blake, and Keaton to fight crime and Fallon accepted it but can he and his friends defeat Ogron, Crystal, and the witches by using their powerful creatures?.


Zachary has pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes. He wears a green shirt that has white sleeves, blue jeans, and black Converse shoes.


Zachary is strong-willed, spunky, courageous, and very helpful. But when Fallon falls for Blake, he was jealous of them.



Zachary has a crush on Fallon because Fallon is spunky and he is just like her but he felt glad because Fallon has feelings for Blake.


Blake is Zachary's best friend. Zachary discover that Blake has special feelings for Fallon.


Zachary's best friend and partner. He also know that Keaton has a crush on Fallon.


Because Kimberly is shy around to strangers, Zachary become good friends with Kimberly.


Tammy and Zachary become good friends.

Family RelationshipsEdit


Zachary's uncle. Troy discover that Zachary had his power creature.

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