thumb|314px|link=Wii Sports is a game that helps Miis become active and healthy. The player can play Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing.


Wii Sports is one of these launch games for the Wii, and it was released in 2006, dunno if it was the first game to be launched. And, they use Miis as players, and, it is just only for the Wii, and it came with a reception of lack of graphics, but, later, it be came so popular, and that it can spawn a sequel "Wii Sports Resort".

Sports Edit


If you chose the first sport, you DO NOT NEED the Nunchuck, use the Wii-mote. And, there is a opponent. And you must serve and then hit the tennis ball with your racket, and you must beat the opponent by hitting so that the other guy can miss, or try your lucky shot. It is all yours, and you each get scored if one of them misses or it just hits the boundaries. And, if the player gets 50 points, they will win, there are 0 to 50 points.


Baseball is a familiar game, you first be a batter, and, what does the batter do? Batters usually have to swing the ball and whatever it gets, Single, Double, Triple, Home Run, or an Out Of The Park (if you are lucky enough not to get out.), And there is a other team you have the beat. The more home runs, it can each get a score. And, if you beat this. And, you will each change sides, and you will be the pitcher, while the other team is the batter, You must try to pitch the ball as hard as you can. The batter will swing, strike, or ball. A ball, means they don't hit it, they just look at it heading to the catcher. And, they get a ball, there are 3 balls, if they got it all, they are out. In strikes, that mean, people are miss. And there is also foul ball meaning that you will get a strike because the baseball is out of the game boundaries. And, there are also strikes, meaning people hit and miss. And, you will go out. You'll each pitch/batter the players in your team/other team. And the team who gets the most home runs wins!


Bowling is a another of these sports, you go into a bowling building, and the controls are at lease hard when you first start this sport, because you must press B (trigger), to enter it.


In this sport you do not need the nunchuck controller,your Mii Wii play golf


This is the only sport where you need to fight and plug in nunchuck controller,And this is the only sport to not have all girl Miis