Wii Party is a video game created by Nintendo

that has a vareity of diffrent cpu characthers that you can play against. It has levels such as begginer,standard,advanced,expert and final level master. Both expert and master need to be unlocked and you can do that by playing a long game multiple times. It has over 80 minigames and has long games up to 60 minutes. Such as board game island,globe trot,swap meet and bingo.

In board game island you need to roll a die and seewhat sqaure you will land on. Will you fall behind or win? The first person who rolls a six or higher at the finish will be the winner.

In globe trot you must trot along the globe using cards that will get you to move. You must have 10 or more coins to vist somewhere. In minigames you try to get first place and win 10 coins. Second place gets 5. Third place gets 3 coins and last place gets 1. If your first you get to go first. The mii who visted the most areas will be he winner.

In the game swap meet you need to get matching miis in a row.You play minigames for your position and choose a mii that has the colour of one your miis. The person who completes the most sets wins.

In the 15 minute game bingo you have to mark off 4 miis. If you win a minigame then you get to mark off a mii of your choice. Whoever marked off the most miis wins the game.

Another game called balance boat has mii characthers that you have to balance on one boat. Play a mini game for the size of the miis and if you pass then you get two miis the same size. Try to balance as much miis as you can. You will have to be paired up with a master characther.