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November 19, 2006

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October 20, 2013




Wii U

The Wii (or Nintendo Wii) is the place where all Miis live. The Mii Creator visits there often. This place could be considered a seperate location from the Real World, also known as Earth.

Locations in the Wii Edit

  • The Disc World, also known as the Videogame World. It is a location that is a world of its own.
  • The Mii Plaza, where all the Miis live. (Also knowed as Mii House)
  • The Wii Shop, the most popular shop in the Wii. Also contains the Forecast and News section, as well as internet and photos.
  • The Everybody Votes area, where the Miis vote. The Check Mii Out is similar to this, but it takes place in the Mii Plaza.
  • Wuhu Island, where all the stuff from Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Resort X takes place.