The Wuhu Island Hero is a American 2017 Animated Movie, Directed by Brad Bird and Written by Bill Trinen, and Music by Kevin Clash And the help of Disney and released on June 2, 2017. The movie is 82 Minutes Long. The movie features the voice roles of Jake Smith, Robert West, Tyler Simmons, Brian Jackson, Tom Polo, Carl Brown, Adam Font, Megan Stone, and Patrick Anderson.The Movie is rated PG-13 and got 4 out of 4 stars


A male Mii named Olan (voice by Jake Smith) arrives to Wuhu Island to spend his summer vacation with his dad Todd (voice by Robert West). While there Olan meets this nice guy named Miguel (voice by Tyler Simmons) Then he met a strong, kind hearted man named Ryan (voice by Brian Jackson) Then he met a nerdy, funny smart man named Luca (voice by Tom Polo) Then he met a happy and energetic man named Hiromasa (voice by Carl Brown) Then he met a smart and geeky teenager named Nick (voice by Adam Font). When Olan falls in love with Alice (voice by Megan Stone) This would be the best summer ever. Until a evil space gang and the leader Gold Bones (voice by Patrick Anderson) Starts to destroy Wuhu Island. WIll Olan stop Gold Bones and get together with Alice? The movie was released on June 17, 2017 on theaters and September 13, 2018 on DVD. The movie is 62 Minutes Long.

The film starts with a wonderful summer morning and a young boy name Olan and his dad are at the airport traveling to Wuhu Island. After getting off the plane, Olan goes watch people play basketball while his dad checked them in a hotel. He meets this guy named Miguel. They talked for a little bit until they became friends. Olan went to tell his dad that he made a new friend he wants to spend some time with him. Olan and Miguel walked to the beach and they saw someone that Miguel knew. His name was Ryan. Miguel introdouce him to Olan and then they became friends. Then they walked over to pool patio. Olan wanted to play Table Tennis but Miguel and Ryan just wanted to watch. So this kid said that he would play. his name was Luca, They played until Luca Won. Olan asked if they wanted to be friends and Luca said he would love to. Then they walked down the red iron bridge and they saw two guys walking down the bridge there names our Hiromasa and Nick. They knew Miguel, Ryan and Luca So Olan asked if they wanted to become friends. They all did a lot of sports like Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Archery,Power crusing, Biking. Olan saw a girl with her friends and he fell in love with her. Miguel, Luca, Ryan, Hiromasa, and Nick saw that Olan was in love. So they told him to go talked to her. Olan walked up to her and said his name. Her name was Alice. Olan was so shy to talk to her so he asked if she wanted to go on a date. Alice said Sure. Olan went to go tell his dad that he met ag girl and he is going on a date with her. Later Olan went down to the hotel lobby and saw Alice. They had dinner in the lobby. While they where down there they where talking about whats going on in wuhu island like if anything is going to happen. After they had dinner Olan walked Alice back to her hotel room and say bye then Olan walked back to his hotel room. The Next Morning Olan and his dad went to go have breakfast. After when they where done Olan went to go finds his friends. He saw them and went to go hang with them. They where glad to see him to tell him that something crazy is going to happen!. Olan did not know what they where talking about. Miguel said that he saw the news last night and said a couple of space bandits will be coming here. Olan thought he was joking but he was not. About a hour later the sky became super dark and 8 space ships came out of the sky and a huge gold one to. It was a leader named Gold Bones and his gang where here to destroy wuhu island. But when gold bones saw Olan he had a flash back that he joined the mii force and was trying to help mii force. Gold Bones Said "Hello Everybody This is a nice island but its to bad i have to destroy everything even that boy with the red shirt, blue eyes, and tan skin!". When Olan heard that he freaked out. Until Gold Bone's Gang started to burn all the buildings, the bridges, and shooting bombs at the golf island. They had to think of something to stop Gold bones. But Ryan had a secret cargo under the hotel. Ryan followed them to the basement of the hotel. What Ryan had was a bunch of weapons. Then Miguel Said: "Why do you have theses"? "I keep them down here for a emergency", said Ryan. So they all grabbed a weapon and headed back out. "We need to split up, said Hiromasa". Why?, asked Olan. Cause if we stick together we will get killed all at once. He has a point, Miguel said. Or How about, asked Olan. Hiromasa & Nick is on a team, Ryan & Luca are on a team and Miguel and i are on a team?. They all agreed. So Hiromasa and Nick went to the lighthouse, Ryan and Luca went to the castle, and Olan and Miguel went to the volcano. But half of the ships came to attack Olan and Miguel. and Ryan and Luca and Hiromasa and Nick. The Ships Kidnap Miguel, Ryan, Luca, Hiromasa, and Nick But not Olan. His friends where in danger. Olan went to go help them but Gold Bone's Ship caught Olan and kidnap him. Gold Bones grabbed on and almost drop Olan in the volcano but Olan jumped off and landed safely in the pool. But Gold bones found him and choked him but Olan kicked him off and ran. Olan saw Nick's older brother Oscar, "My younger brother got kidnap by those damn space bandits", He said. Olan Said, I know i can help you! So they ran up to the top of the volcano and saw They where about to shoot Nick, But Oscar threw the bandit in to the volcano. Olan, Nick & Oscar went to go find there friends, Until they saw a guy on the red iron bridge t, He was a friend of Nick & Oscar's, His name is Pierre.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Jake Smith as Olan
    • Robert West as Todd
    • Tyler Simmons as Miguel
    • Brian Jackson as Ryan
    • Tom Polo as Luca
    • Carl Brown as Hiromasa
    • Adam Font as Nick
    • Megan Stone as Alice
    • Patrick Anderson as Gold Bones
    • Kevin History as Oscar
    • Cody Brady as Pierre
    • Directed by Brad Bird
    • Written by Bill Trinen
    • Produced by Luke Noonan
    • Based off the "Mii" characters by Nintendo
    • Distributed by Nintendo
    • In association with Walt Disney Pictures
    • A Nintendo Production

DVD/BLU-RAY ChaptersEdit

  1. Opening Credits
  2. Wuhu Island
  3. New Friends
  4. The Sports
  5. Meeting Alice
  6. First Date
  7. The Next Morning
  8. The Uninvited Guest
  9. The Fight is on
  10. It's game over Mii Force
  11. First Kiss
  12. Happy Ending/ End Credits

DVD FeaturesEdit

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Commentary by Jake Smith, Tyler Simmons
  • Introduction by Bill Trinen
  • Languages: English Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Subtitles: English, French, **Spanish, **Portuguese, **Italian, **German, **English (For the Hearing Impaired), or None (* for R1 only, ** for R2 only)

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