Full Name: Sabrina Summer Fitzgerald

Voice by: Emily Neves (Teenager), Tara Strong (Young)

Age: 16

Power: Sweet Song

Friends: Aisha, Nia, Midori, Kaden (crush)

Family: Jack (Adoptive Older Brother), Hannah (Adoptive Mother), Connor (Adoptive Father), Jessica (Deceased Mother), Isaac (Deceased Father), Katie (Adoptive Sister)

Alignment: Good

Goal: To Defeat her worst nightmare and retrieve her real parents's old enemy (first film), To combine her powers to make the Flower Rise (Second Film), To release the first blush of Spring before Carmine destroys it(Third Film)

Appearance: The Moon of Birth, The Moon of Birth Again, The Moon of Birth's Piece

Enemies: Carmine

Zodiac: Capricorn


Summer is a shy 16 year old girl who was raised by a 17 year old by name Jack after her real parents were killed by their rival, Carmine. While she's on a school's camping trip, she is saved by her classmate, Kaden. To find the truth, Summer, Kaden, Aisha, Nia, and Midori go on a quest to find the real truth about Summer's real parents. She also discover that she can use her powers to protect the Widow Forest but she and her friends use their Powers to defeat Carmine before Carmine destroys The Widow Forest?.


Summer has light brown skin, jade green eyes, and brown hair. She has her hair in a one braid and her bangs are curly and on their on top. She wears a pale purple short sleeveless shirt with a small black vest, she wears a dark navy blue school jean skirt, and purple X-Hi Converse shoes.


As a 3 year old child, Summer is frail, timid, and very sweet. As a 16 year old teenager, She is very shy, friendly, gentle, smart, brave, loyal, and sometimes timid.



Summer's childhood friend who agrees to help Summer to retrieve Summer's parents's enemy


Summer's childhood friend who also agree to help Summer to retrieve Summer's Parents's enemy


Summer's childhood friend who also agree to help Summer to retrieve Summer's parents's enemy


Summer and Kaden develop crushes on each other. Kaden also agree to Summer to retrieve Summer's parent's enemy

Family RelationshipsEdit

Jessica and IsaacEdit

Summer's deceased parents


Summer's Adoptive 17 year old brother and they care about each other.


Summer's Adoptive mother


Summer's Adoptive father.


Summer's enemy and Summer's parents's enemy who is responsible for the murder of Summer's parents

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