Full Name-Rosetta Selena Garcia-Washington

Home-New Mexico (Formerly), Clare, England


Birthdate-October 3rd, 1993 (Libra)

Family-Unamed Mother, Unamed Father, Unamed Brother

Friends-Jesse, Kayden, Amber, Riley, Breanne, Jordan, Travis, Lance, Todd, Matthew

Occupation-Student, Jordan's roommate


Voice by-Emmanuelle Chriqui

Selena is one of Jesse's best friends who comes from a Hispanic-Canadian, wealthy family. She is also forced to stay at a Romanian House while going to Loren's Halloween Party.


Selena has brunette hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. She wears dresses, boots, skirts, and special platform shoes.


Like Riley, Selena is a spunky, self-centered, short-tempered, and feisty girl who doesn't take chances on ghosts, her fears, and ghost-stories and she has a aggressive side of her. She is kind, loyal, friendly, and nice to her friends but doesn't take chances on ghosts. She is mostly strong-willed, and tough while she is helping out her friends.


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon....

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