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1.The Return of The Guardians

2.A Romeo and Juliet Story

3.Everything's Good For Layla and Robby

4.Friends in Need

5.Date with Disaster

6.The Secret Mission

7.Rose are Red, Violets are Blue, The Dark has Come

8.The Phantom Ninja

9.The Demon Whiten

10.The Fear Factor

11.Showdown at The High School

12.Camp Fear


14.Abigail's Plan

15.Lara's Song

16.The Guardian of Fire's Test Part 1

17.The Guardian of Fire's Test Part 2

18.A Guardian's of Earth's Jealousy

19.New Girl at Town Part 1

20.New Girl at Town Part 2

21.Abigail's Special Song

22.The Hunted

23.Lara's Test

24.Julia's Test

25.Gina's Test

26.Sky's Test

27.The Gauntlet Part 1

28.The Gauntlet Part 2

Season 1 CastEdit

Cindy Robinson-Lara Adamson

Stephanie Sheh-Julia Chung

Laura Bailey-Gina Anderson

Kari Wahlgren-Sky Taylors

JB Blanc-Jonathan Adamson

Maria Canals-Barrera-Tara Adamson

Julie Maddalana-Sarah Adamson (Lara's Deceased Mother)/Lauren Adamson (Lara's 18 year old sister)

Keira Knightley-Caroline

Grey DeLisle-Bianca

Susanne Blakeslee-Mara

Lauren Tom-Lori

Johnny Yong Bosch-Lance Chong

Vincent Tong-Jason Henderson

Steve Staley-Kai Summers

Kirby Morrow-Skylar Turner

Yuri Lowenthal-Zhang Adamson

Bumper Robinson-Anagon

Lacey Chabert-Abigail

Matt Mercer-Mitsuo

Ariel Winter-Layla Adamson

Jessica D Stone-Robby Adamson

Other Voices Coming Soon.......

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