Welcome to Mii Wiki!
...with 553 articles on everything Mii!

We also allow fake Mii pages.

Very Best Of

We currently do not have any Very Best Of articles, mostly because we just begun. Start making articles and they will be put on the board!!

Latest Proposal

We currently do not have any proposals at the moment.

Whats New?

  • We have moved from Scribblewiki to Wikia.
  • Clay Mario has rescued pages, and you can too!
  • We have the Blog ready, read it and comment on it!
  • You are aloud to make mii fanon in your userpage!
  • The Mii Maker is not working now, but we have contacted Wikia, and we should be getting it working soon.
  • This wiki will have a new active admin! Read more: New Admin - PhilippL

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