A Mii Planet is a planet that is far up in the sky, and represents Earth. Mario has seen them, but has not been on one. Some Miis like to use telescopes to find them, and see if any look like them or people they know. There are many Mii Planets, and there may even be infinity but the total number is unknown. It is said, there is a planet for every Mii head. Some Miis have even reported to see a mario head floating in space! Mii Planets are not very large, but is large enough to fit 20 Miis standing on it. Even being so small, they have a Wii's normal gravity. The rock in it around the eyes can change colour making it look like the planet is blinking. They all rotate in a different way– Left-to-right, right-to-left, or possibly flickering directions. It is said it is a Mii Creator controlling it with his Wii Remote.