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A Mii Creator, is the creator of all his/hers Miis that creates Miis with the Wii Remote. He watches over the Mii Plaza and other areas, and he/she protects all his Miis. The Mii Creator also plays games with his Miis and sometimes he plays games alone. The Mii Creator lives on Earth, and Miis have spread rumors that there's more than one-this rumor turns out to actually be true. Each Mii Creator has his or her own Wii and Mii Plaza. The Mii Creators are a species of living creatures that look similar to the Miis-they are of course known as humans. Not all humans are Mii Creators.

Mii Creators, when inside the Wii World, take the form of Miis or cursors with the Wii Remote. The Mii Creator does anything it takes to save his Miis, and even takes out guns known as Wii Zapper's to save them from enemies .

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