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Miis are a type of character that originally appeared in the Mii Plaza for Wii. The Miis soon had an appearance in Mii Maker for the 3DS and WaraWara Plaza for the Wii U. Miis are based off of human beings and players can design what their Miis look like so then the player can use them as avatars. Players can make themselves into Miis or make any other person into Miis. Only 100 Miis fit in one Wii. there homeland is wuhu island which is like toads mushroom kingdom.

Appearances Edit

Wii music screen

2 Miis as saw in Wii Music

Wii SportsEdit

In Wii Sports, the main thing is playing Sports with Miis. The location is theorized to be on Wuhu Island.

Wii Sports ResortEdit

In Wii Sports Resort, the sequel to Wii Sports, has the same things as Wii Sports, but with added sports. The game takes place on Wuhu Island and is more open-world than the first game.

Wii Play Edit

2 miis play against each other

Wii Play Motion Edit

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Wii MusicEdit

Miis play music. They play for Sebastian Tute and unlock stages for him there

Wii Fit Edit

In Wii Fit, Mii’s are used for profiles for the game and to store data on after they complete the daily Body Test

Wii Fit U Edit

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Wii Party Edit

Miis play minigames

Wii Party U Edit

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Streetpass Mii Plaza Edit

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For a list of Mii as they appear in spinoff games see here Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mii is the portmanteau (a word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings) of "me" and "Wii."
  • Nintendo's head developer, Shigeru Miyamoto had wanted to create Miis since the NES, and kept trying to create them with mostly every system Nintedo could such as the Nintendo 64DD add-on and Nintendo DS.
  • A face editor was used for creating passports in the game Mario Party Advance, sharing similarities with the Mii concept, but it is unknown if this contributed to the development of Miis.

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