Matt Young
11232 matt
Vital statistics
Title Matt
Gender Male
Race Black
Faction The Tezcas
Health Alive, Undying
Level 69
Status Gang Leader
Location Mii Plaza or Wuhu Island
First Appearance The Big Bang (1)
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Matt Young is a Mii that shows up at random during games that allow Miis. He is known for being the champion and trainer in Boxing (Wii Sports) and the champion of Swordplay (Wii Sports Resort)

He is also an accomplished Music Artist, Here Is The Link To One Of His Songs:

In Wii SportsEdit

In TennisEdit

Matt Young usually has a skill level around 49. He is also usually paired up with Miyu. In general, he is pretty weak, since he is in the first pair you play.

In BoxingEdit

Matt Young is the Grand Champion in boxing. If you beat this very tough Mii, you'll unlock silver boxing gloves. You can acitvate them by pressing '1' after a warning screen to wear your wrist strap. He trains the Miis in Wii Sports.

In Wii Sports ResortEdit

In Sword-FightingEdit

Matt Young is the Wuhu Island Champion in sword-fighting. He is also the boss at the end of the last level (level 20) in showdown mode.He will be extremely defensive and strikes extremely often,and will never let you hit him.

In Wii PartyEdit

Matt Young is a master difficulty and can be played against after beating an expert difficulty Mii. He has the default top score in certain minigames and game modes. He appears to be good friends with Lucia because they have the highest score in Friend Connection.


  • His Favorite Color is Orange.
  • He kidnaps Akira and his friends in The Wuhu Island Movie: Kira's Swordplay Showdown Quest
  • Matt Young is the long lost half-brother of the famous comedian, actor, and rapper Donald Glover.
  • he is the oldest of his siblings of the young family so he is Andy, George and Sotas older brother
  • His design inspired Thanos, being the ruler of the entire multiverse.
    • Furthermore he has the power to defeat Thanos himself.
  • he has been known to clap any cheeks he sees fit, for his word is final.
  • Anyone else have wet dreams about Matt or is it just me?
  • He gained his supernatural powers through "No fap"
  • When he snaps non-existing fingers, the entire multiverse fades away
  • In general, Matt is the supreme god of the Mii universe and all that opposes him shall be ki- disappeared from existence.
  • He also banged Abby, Sarah, Austin, and your mom.
  • Matt is NOT to be confused with MatPat from Game Theory.
  • Matt was a member of the American Black Panther political party, and was a notorious holocaust denier