Full Name: Katherine "Katie" Wood

Home: Auburn, Washington

Age: 16

Birthday: October 26th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Power: Ice

Weapon: Katana, Scimitar (While Casting a spell)

Status: Alive

Family: Unnamed Parents (Deceased), Destinee (Older Sister), Eric (Pet Cat), Zoey (Pet Dog), Monica (Aunt)

Friends: Destinee, Song, Collètta, Astrid, Melody, The others

Enemies: shape-shifters

Occupation: Student, Dawn Seeker, Athlete,

First Appearance: The Dawn Seekers: A New Beginning

Last Appearance: The Dawn Seekers: Memories of Nothing

Voice Actor: Shelby Wulfert

Katie is the youngest sister of Destinee and a member of the Dawn Seekers. She is also the niece of Monica and one of Selena's rivals.


Katie has wavy blond hair that stops above her hips, pale skin, and brown eyes. She is possibly be similar to her deceased mother but has longer hair than her mom.


Katie is a laid-back girl who has a liking of sports. She has a loving-sisterly relationship with Destinee and is a good friend to everyone. She is friendly and caring and she is also a athlete because she play a lot of sports and she is somewhat a tomboy. Sometimes, Katie is short-tempered, hotheaded, stubborn, or feisty but deeply cares for her friends and family but she appears to be disappointed after her parents's death.



Katie and Destinee has a loving-sisterly relationship and they care for each other because of they're parents's death. They shared a lot of good things and they fixed their problems.

More Coming Soon.....


Favorite Color is ice blue and blue

She loves sports

Loves Destinee's Cooking

Love Whipped Cream

She is a good artist

More Coming soon.....

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