Full Name-Jonathan Jordan Wallace

Home-Clare, England, New Orleans (Formerly)


Birthdate-May 7th, 2005 (Taurus)

Family-Unamed Parents (Deceased), Amber (Sister)

Friends-Jesse, Kayden, Riley, Selena, Breanne, Travis, Lance, Todd, Matthew

First Appearance-Sleepless in Invisible City

Occuptation-Student, Selena's roommate, Amber's roommate


Voice by-Ryan Lee

Jordan is Amber's younger brother and one of Jesse's best friends who is forced to stay at a Romanian house while going to Loren's Halloween Party.


Jordan has blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. He wears shirts, jackets, pants, and tennis shoes.


Jordan is a friendly, optimistic boy who has a brotherly-sisterly relationship with his sister, Amber. He is the only one who loves ghost, spiders, and ghost stories. He is also fun-loving, adventurous, daring, determined, and confident. Also, Jordan has a fiery temper that he can't control but learns how to control his temper in the end. He is also strong-willed, brave, and courageous while helping out his friends.


Coming Soon....


Coming Soon.....

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