is a Mii that appears often in different games that allow Miis. She appers in wii sports being the first person you are against in Baseball.

Gender- Female

Status- Alive

In Wii SportsEdit

In TennisEdit

Elisa is a pro in Tennis with a skill level of 2000. She usually plays alongside Sarah.

She has a rating of Intermediate(rated by Joshie).

In BaseballEdit

In Baseball, she is the first one you play with a skill level around 90.

In BowlingEdit

Since Miis cannot play against the computer in bowling, she is just a random Mii playing at the side of you.

In GolfEdit

Computerized Miis cannot play against humans.

In BoxingEdit

Elisa is often right before you face Matt.

In Table Tennis (Wii Sports Resort)Edit

She is also a mii who plays.

In Wii PartyEdit

Elisa is a Mii in Wii Party and is an advanced competitor.

  • She's ambidextrous.