Jalen is a mii on the wii he is the leader and one the most popular mii's he is on every mii game on the and is a playable character on every mii game as well. He Is nice loving and kind but like' s to break the rules he is also a great friend to Kira, Matt, Abby, and others. His biggest rival is Luca they hate each other Jalen always beats Luca accept in Friend Connection on wii party. Jalen and Luca hate each other because Luca said mean things about Jalen' s family and dog and friends. Jalen is Mackenzie' s cousin who is dating Luca. He lives on whu hu island, His best friends are Mackenzie, Jal, and kira. He lives his parents Art and Chate. He calls himself the Awesome one which he is. He is the leader and the best mii of all time according to the creators of the wii and the mii's. His love interest is Hura they are dating. Jalen is the face of Nintendo

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