Not to be confused with Brekyn

Emily is a pink clothed, red haired Mii. She has a few friends:

Pab Meghan Flam and Slam Clover.

She makes her debut in: Mii of the horror night Attack of the Giant Mii Butterfly Hero Epidemic Into the Candy Factory

She has family.

Ashley (sister) Debbie (mum) Auntie Deb (auntie) Uncle Nick (uncle Kee (cousin) Amber(cousin) Nancy(nanny) David(granddad).

She has friends.

Clover Pab Flam and Slam Fling.

She wears a pink sleeved-shirt, black pants, white socks, and brown shoes.


Wuhu island one great inner side effect by emilythebrawler1-d8d4cjc-1-


Great Rainbow Sky Festival pic1


Mii pic1


Butterfly Hero1

Butterfly Hero

Blob Fling screenshot

Pab's monstrous dream

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