Full Name: Brittany Jean Armstrong

Age: 20 ("Book1") 21 ("Book 2) 22 ("Book 3) 23 ("Book 4") 24 ("Book 5")

Occupation: 2nd Grade Teacher, College Student (Formerly)

Family: Unamed Parents (Deceased), "Kimberly (Younger Sister), "Danielle"(Younger Sister), "Malaika" (Younger Sister), "Nikki" (Younger Sister),

Birthday: October 18th

Zodiac: Libra

Element: Soldium

Fighting Style: Muay Thai

Weapon: Solated Scythe

Played By: LaToya

Brittany is the 1st oldest sister of the Armstrongs and a elementary school teacher who was called in to investgate the murder of 6 students who disappeared from a town called "Darkswood Town". She has the 11th element, soldium, and her weapon is a soldiated scythe.

Appearance Edit

Brittany is a medium-skinned girl with short-length black hair, and dark blue eyes. Her clothes change a lot.

Personality Edit

Brittany is a tough, strong-willed, and noble young woman who wants to be a elementary school teacher (to teach 2nd grade) just like her mother (who was also a elementary school teacher who teaches 4th grade). However, She is kind-hearted, caring, compassionate, loving, and good-natured to others (especially to children). Despite for her tomboyish style, she can be quite rebellious, stubborn, and hotheaded when it comes to taking things at risk. Also, she has a aggressive personality when it comes to fighting people.

Abilities Edit

Soldium Manipulation-While using her Sodium powers, Kimberly can create, shape and manipulate sodium (Espiecially her Soldiated Scythe).

Hand-to-hand combat-Kimberly has been skilled in Muay Thai since she was 2 years old

More Coming Soon...

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