Bowser is the arch-enemy of Mario who has met the Miis a few times, he is a character in the Mario World. He appears to dislike Miis becuase "they're too cute". A Bowser Mii was once created and put on Nintendo Power except this Mii had black skin instead of Bowser's green skin

Ruining the Star CarnivalEdit

Bowser tried to destroy the Star Carnival and ruin everyone's fun, including the Mii's. However Mario and his friends put an end to Bowser's attack and in the end, Bowser decided to have some fun to-he raced with the Miis and other Mario characters in a Moped race

The Olympic GamesEdit

Bowser joined the 2008 Olympics and so did Miis. Throughout many events, Miis and Bowser saw each other frequently. Although Bowser disliked playing alongside the Miis, he still decided he would continue playing.

More RacingEdit

In the upcoming Mario Kart tournament, Bowser has singed up to race as well as the Miis. This means that Bowser will race against many Miis during races. Other information is unknown, however because of Bowser's dislike of Miis, he may try to attack them.