Andrew as saw on the Wii U
Vital statistics
Title Andrew
Gender Male
Race Mii
Faction N/A
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location Mii Plaza (2008–2011)
Wuhu Island (2011–2013)
WaraWara Plaza (2013– 2017)
First Appearance 2008-2017
File:E3 2011 Wii U Chase Mii HD Demo

Andrew (born 1999) is a Fanon Mii created by MEGAKID III. Andrew is a Mii currently being used on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U. He is a good and friendly Mii.


He was born in 1999, he was created in 2009 by MEGAKID III (oringally PremierChannel TV), Andrew has a job as an athlete representing Great Britian in the Olympic Games with Mario, Luigi and Sonic. Andrew used to be a singer until 2010 when he left fully to go to represent Great Britian in the Olympic Games. Andrew currently is an athlete.



Andrew started to conduct music in 2009, his first making Ode to Joy and the Legend of Zelda but both songs went to a higher score by his brother Ross. Andrew has stopped conducting because of his move to be an athlete.


He is good at singing though his big brother Ross is a better singer. Ross used to have a band which is still sometimes active. Ross is inspired by Blue Stahli. Andrew used to have a band called The Shockwave (foremly The Izzy Quartet) when Isabel (Izzy), Andrew's cousin was head of the group. Izzy left the group leaving Andrew in charged, in a few songs, there were some celebrity guests like Micheal Jackson.

Regular Sports (2009-present)Edit

Andrew is good at Tennis, Golf, Boxing (sometimes) and a pro at Bowling, he currently lives in Wuhu Island where his family lives. He loves playing Table Tennis and Swordfighting with Matt who trains Andrew at Boxing.

Olympic Games (2008-present)Edit

Andrew has competed in the Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012.

Beijing 2008Edit

Andrew first competed in Beijing in 2008, he was oringally going to do Table Tennis but ending up doing Athletics, he was very good at the athletics and won 2 medals, 1 gold and 1 sliver. After winning the 2 medals, he decided go to and try the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Vancouver 2010Edit

2 years on from Beijing, Andrew competed in the Vancouver Olympics, he had done Figure Skating and had won 3 medals in the Winter Olympics, 1 gold and 2 sliver. Andrew then went on to compete for Great Britian which was hosted in his country's capital city, London.

London 2012Edit

The Olympic Games had arrived in his own country, Great Britian. The games came to London. His time didn't come until the Athletics arrived in the Olympic Stadium. Andrew's time had came and the athletics began, Andrew had won the 110m race and won his gold. Then came another victory as Andrew won the Baton Race where he and his fellow team won the medals.

Rio 2016Edit

Andrew is planned to do Athletics in Rio in 2016.


Andrew is kind and helpful, he helps others in games and is kind once he or a competor has won or lost a match or something else.


  • Andrew used to be a singer but he quit to go to be an athlete
  • Andrew has won a few medals during the Olympics with Mario and Sonic
  • Andrew was created in 2009
  • Andrew is on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.
  • Andrew used to have a band called The Shockwave
  • Andrew has a crush on Tabitha